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It’s been a quiet month on the Two Chefs blog but it’s been a very busy month for the team. Along with being open daily and catering a number of big events, we’re been working hard with some of our friends in the Gastown/Eastside restaurant business to get Eat Drink Local going. It’s a brand new celebration of the amazing restaurant culture of our neighbourhoods which has been built and run by a few restaurateurs with the idea of creating some excitement and fun in what’s traditionally a quiet time of year in our business.

Each of the participating restaurants is going to be offering a menu with $20 entree & drink combinations either pulled from their menu and paired at the best price of the year or else created specially for this event. We’re hoping that the combination of some of the Eastside’s best restaurants and the best deal of the year will convince people to come down and see what’s going on in Canada’s most dynamic food neighbourhood.

What many people outside the neighbourhood and business don’t see is how cooperative and collegial this scene has been since day 1. We’ve always hung out at each other’s bars after shift and on off nights, and the number of staff dinners and nights out that we host for each other is uncountable. So when this idea came up over beers at each other’s places, the most natural thing to do was to do it ourselves. We came up with the name, printed the cards, built the website and worked on a plan to get the word out. We’ve been decorating and building our own places, teaching ourselves how to use new equipment and supporting each other since day 1, so why would Eat Drink Local be any different.

Things kick off on Sunday, October 31st and the special menus will be offered Sunday-Thursday for two weeks. We’re really proud of the way it’s come together and the menus that have been put together. We hope you’ll come and check out us, Boneta, Cork & Fin, The Diamond and Au Petit Chavingnol. If this one works, well be bringing Eat Drink Local back next year bigger, better and hopefully with a few more of our friends participating.

Full menus are online now at www.eatdrinklocalweek.com.


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