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Sold-out in 2010, dinner service extended to three days in 2011

Two Chefs and a Table are pleased to announce the return of our Cinco de Mayo feast for a second great year and thanks to last year’s quick sell out, we’re going to be offering the menu for three nights starting on Cinco de Mayo itself and finishing on Saturday May 7th.

This year’s menu again features five courses of regional Mexican dishes made with local ingredients and combined with complimentary drinks true to the spirit of Cinco de Mayo. From Molotes which are a traditional holiday food in Oaxaca to Chiles en Nogada a Pueblan favourite to Pozolé, the traditional soup which is found throughout Central Mexico and whose recipe dates to pre-Columbian times.

As with everything made at Two Chefs and a Table, the ingredients being used in our Cinco de Mayo feast are locally-sourced from our favourite farms like Polderside, Pemberton Meadows and Sloping Hills whenever possible to ensure utmost freshness and quality.

The range of drinks to accompany the course ranges from our favourite Mexican beers to tequila-based cocktails and even a delicious Petite Syrah from L.A. Cetto, one of Mexico’s leading wineries, to accompany the main course.

The cost for the Cinco de Mayo dinner is $75 per person, not including tax and gratuity and reservations are recommended for this popular event. Two Chefs and a Table is located at 305 Alexander Street in Railtown. For more information or to book your table, call 778-233-1303 or email info@twochefsandatable.com.

Cinco de Mayo Menu

Amuse Bouche
Tiger Prawn Ceviche: lime juice, avocado, fresh prawn
Served with/Champagne Cocktail: El Jimador Blanco tequila, lime sorbet, champagne

First Course
Pozolé: braised pork jowl soup
Served with/Negro Modelo beer

Second Course
Molotes: hand rolled masa harina filled with shredded pork, salsa verde
Served with/Batanga: Cazadorés Reposado tequila, lime juice, Mexican cola

Third Course:
Chilis en Nogada: Poblano chili stuffed w/Polderside chicken, raisins, garlic, onion & cilantro, creamy walnut sauce, pomegranate seeds
Served with/Agavé Stormy: Cazadorés Reposado tequila, lime juice, agavé syrup, ginger beer

Entrée  – choice of
Achiote marinated Sloping Hills pork tenderloin, pipian verde, jicama & guava salad
Grilled marinated Pemberton Meadows skirt steak: grilled nopales, mole rojo, esquites
Served with/L.A. Cetto Petite Syrah 2009 (Baja, Mexico)


Cinnamon fried plantains, unbaked mango cheesecake
Served with/Don Julio Anejo tequila


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Big Lou comes to visit Big Lou’s

When the hard work pays off Like most small business owners, we work pretty hard on a daily basis and there are lots of challenges, from staff not showing up or supplier issues, to just general Murphy’s law stuff that happens. At the end of the day, it’s all worth it when we can make the centrepiece to great meal, or turn something great and fresh into a tasty sausage or a paté.

We get through the daily ordeals and when the cold beer or the couch hits it’s all but forgotten till the next day, especially when you get what we call the “small wins”. These are the little surprises or the little positive notes we get when things are good, the thigs that seem to make up for all that is challenging. I say “challenging” rather than bad cause really nothing is ever that bad, compared to a lot of things that could happen.

But when you get to show a project like Big Lou’s Butcher Shop to a mentor, friend and role model and they shake your hand and say “good job”, that’s something I count as a big win!

Today, Big Lou — the flesh and blood one who I lived around for most of my formative teenage years — came to see my Allan’s and my project that we named after him and opened in January. He came into Vancouver with his son one of my lifelong best friends and his grandson Jackson to see the butcher shop, and it was great to finally show off all the hard work and effort we put in.

Anytime you show a project to someone who’s been educated, worked and been around that field their whole life, they’re going to have some good hints and some criticisms which will be heeded to ensure we keep getting better. We always have to keep learning in this industry and we try never to shrug off criticism or feedback, we embrace it and use it to make it better every day.

Lou also had a lot of positives and the most was positive was he thought we did a excellent job and shook my hand and said “congratulations little guy!” Yeah in his world I’m a “little guy” and then he was off back to his farm and little piece of heaven in Sechelt. To hear that from someone you look up to makes all the tough days hurt a little less.

Sure, we want to make millions, drive big cars and live in nice houses but at the end of the day, as nice as those things are, we want to be respected and remembered for things we do. And this is what we do. I am pretty proud of what Allan, I and all our friends family, staff and have built and achieved so far.

The sun’s out and that means people are hopefully dusting off the grills and will come looking for us to supply them with great meats for their events, but also it seems a bit brighter and warmer today as it was a really good day.

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Two Chefs and a Table is hosting a special five-course dinner event for Easter featuring locally-sourced seasonal ingredients shaped into innovative interpretations of Easter classics. From lamb and ham to the Easter Egg and Hot Cross Bun, the full range of Easter traditions are included on the menu. Each course is paired with a wine selection from Blasted Church Vineyards, named as one of Canada’s top 20 Wineries by Wine Access magazine.

While Easter menus historically included hams because the cured ham was the only meat still fit for consumption from fall-slaughtered animals, the ham used in this menu is nothing like those Pilgrim leftovers! It starts with superb meat from Sloping Hills Farm that’s roasted and smoked in house and served with potato pave, caramelized onion mustard and roasted asparagus.

The roots of serving Lamb, the other traditional Easter entrée, run even deeper, dating back to the pre-Christian ritual of the “sacrificial lamb”. We use our sacrificial Fraser Valley lamb to create two dishes served side by side as our “Lamb Duo”, a short loin alongside a housemade lamb ravioli.

Named after a real church in their town of Okanagan Falls, Blasted Church’s irreverent naming and labels belie a commitment to making superb wines and respect for local history. Blasted Church’s in known for their range of superb, award-winning whites that are a perfect compliment to the menu courses based on poultry, seafood and ham. Their silky Cab-Merlot was chosen to accompany the Lamb entrée while dinner finishes with their crisp, dry Rosé alongside dessert.

This menu will be offered from Wednesday April 20th to Easter Sunday, April 24th. The cost is $60 per person (tax and gratuity not included) and reservations are highly recommended. To book your table, email info@twochefsandatable.com or call 778-233-1303. Two Chefs and a Table is located at 305 Alexander Street. For more information, please visit www.twochefsandatable.com. To learn more about Blasted Church Vineyards, please visit http://blastedchurch.com/.


Easter Menu

Amuse Bouche
Devilled Easter egg

First Course
Asparagus Salad
Blue cheese, lardons, walnut oil, lemon vinegar,
Wine: Hatfield’s Fuse – 2010

Second Course
Chicken Liver Mousse
Crostini, house made pickle, cioppolini onion
Wine: Pinot Gris – 2010

Third course
Lobster Risotto
Poached egg, saffron oil, fresh herbs
Sauvignon Blanc –  2009

Sloping Hills Ham
House smoked and roasted, caramelized onion mustard, potato pavé, butter roasted asparagus
Gewürztraminer – 2010


Lamb Duo
Short loin of Fraser valley lamb, pan roasted, roasted shallots, in season ramps
Ravioli of Lamb, pan jus
Cab Merlot – 2008
Easter Strawberry Shortcake
House made cinnamon hot cross bun, mint syrup, fresh strawberries, and cream
Rose 2009

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Like the rest of Vancouver, we’re huge Canucks fans and with the playoffs about begin, we’ve been looking to celebrate the best time of the hockey season. We  looked around the shop, bounced some ideas for new products around but, in the end, the answer was right here all the time.

To that end, we’ve decided to add a new item to our sandwich menu, the “Big Lou-ongo”. It’s our take on a classic meatball sandwich—naturally, also available spicy—and features our housemade meatballs, marinara sauce and shaved parmesan, all stuffed onto a baguette and served piping hot.

To help you feel even better about the great sandwich you’re having, we’re going to donate 50 cents from the purchase of every sandwich to Canuck Place throughout the playoffs. We’ll start serving the Big Lou-ongo on Thursday, April 14th.

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