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There are many challenges along the road to opening a new business and sometimes, one of the most difficult is getting the visuals right. When we decided that the interior of Big Lou’s Butcher Shop would have a retro feel to it, our logo and graphic package had to match the feel without looking dated or kitschy.

One of the great things about working in the restaurant and bar business is how many talented people work in it, so someone with the specific skills we need is usually no more than a phonecall away and we get to work with friends on many of our projects.

This time was no different and we were able to work with our good friend Alex Fraser to develop our entire graphic package from logos and fonts to supporting graphics and printed materials. In addition to being a sharp designer, Alex has great illustration skills which he used throughout the project to create original elements like the caricature he drew of our namesake Big Lou.

We’re ecstatic with the final product and are excited to see what Alex will come up with every time we send a new request his way. We wanted to send some thanks his way in public and encourage you to check out his work on his new blog: http://handworksdesignco.wordpress.com/ where he’s posting some of his ongoing design and illustration projects. Give it a look!


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Game butchering course added by popular request

Inspired by Old World butcheries and bistros, Big Lou’s Butcher Shop satisfies discerning carnivores with a focus on fresh, sustainable and local meats. Recently , Two Chefs butchers began sharing their carving know-how in small, group-focused two-hour classes which cover a variety of facets of the art and craft of butchery.

Sausage Making 101: $150

Each six person class will begin with an introduction to sausage making with an overview of the equipment used and needed, a discussion of different casing styles and the advantages and purpose of each. The introduction should take about 10-minutes lecture and then students will progress to breaking down prime cuts of pork, and beef in preparation for the grinder.

Our butchers then guide students through the seasoning and flavouring process to help them develop an understanding of different flavour profiles like breakfast sausage, bratwurst, chorizo, and sun-dried-tomato links. Students finish their masterworks as a team with other class members by working as a group to create their won fresh sausages to take home. Each student will walk out of class with 8lbs of sausages to cook and share.

Whole Hog Class: $250

Each 6-person class starts with a non-medicated, vegetarian fed Fraser Valley hog that, over the course of 2 ½ hours, will be broken down into the following prime and house use cuts:

Neck Roast
Boneless leg
Shoulder roast, Shoulder meat for pulled pork
Pork butt for pulled pork
Short Rack Bone in chops
Belly for cure or Roasting

Our butchers will work closely with each student to help them understand correct tool selection, technique and handling at every step of the process. Each student will take 20lbs of fresh pork home with them.

Hunting and Game Class: $250

This 6-person class has been developed in response to popular request from hunters and other people interested in butchering fresh game carcasses. Our butchers will focus on teaching skills and steps for breaking down a whole Deer or Elk using manual tools and techniques suitable for cabin or campsite.

The end result will be a variety of prime cuts and freezer-suitable home use portions. This class will be dependent upon the availability of fresh carcasses from certified farms, and will be a minimum of three hours including some hands on work.

For more information or to sign up for these courses, email info@biglousbutchershop.com.

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