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Dates and themes for four multi-course paired dinners announced

Two Chefs and a Table is pleased to announce the dates for a winter series of Wine Drinker Dinners, our signature multi-course paired dinner events. The four dinners, which kick off in November and run through to February, will be themed around regional cuisines, wineries and wine varietals along with the unveiling of an exciting new dinner format.

The debut of the season will be our first-ever Blind Trust Wine Drinker Dinner which takes place Thursday, November 15th. True to it’s name, the food and wine pairings will be kept secret from diners until each course is presented with at the table with the wine pairing. The meal will include five courses matched with five varietals and diners can expect to experience some unconventional pairings alongside more classic combinations. This cost for this meal is just $65 per person (tax and gratuity not included).

The themes for the other three events will be a menu inspired by New York City, another in our popular series of paired Mexican Regional Cuisine events and finally, a night which is sure to be fun one as our chefs will be presenting a menu of “Dishes our Grandparents Taught Us” featuring family favourites prepared in Two Chefs style.

The complete schedule for the dinners is as follows:

Nov 15th:: “Blind Trust” Dinner:
Dec 6th: “Dishes our Grandparents Taught Us” with paired drinks
Jan 10th: Regional Mexican dishes with paired cocktails & wines
Feb 21st: New York themed menu with paired wines & cocktails
Reservations are strongly recommended and many of these dinners book up quickly. To reserve call 778-233-1303 or email info@twochefsandatable.com.

Two Chefs and a Table is located in Railtown at 305 Alexander St. and online at www.twochefsandatable.com.

Follow us on Twitter @2chefsandatable and like us on Facebook at Facebook.com/twochefsandatable.


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Over the last weeks, we have been questioned about the source and safety of our beef by both customers and media, so, in light of the ongoing recalls and questions, we are posting the following statement we received from Two Rivers Meats, our exclusive beef supplier. Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at info@biglousbutchershop.com if you have questions about any aspect of our operations or the suppliers we use.


In light of the current turmoil in the beef industry from the recent E. Coli outbreak, we at Two Rivers Specialty Meats would like to share official statements from our partner beef farms.

Cache Creek Natural Beef & Pemberton Meadows Natural Beef

“The recent recall of beef products focuses the spotlight on food safety. It is important to note that there are a couple of significant differences between the way conventional beef is raised and processed, and the way we do it. Cattle from feedlots spend much of their lives standing in mud and feces are therefore much more likely to be contaminated by e coli.

Secondly, the very large beef processing plants process more beef in a single hour than we do in a year. If they have a problem, it is distributed far and wide into the marketplace very quickly. Processing in massive volumes makes it harder to identify e coli, and ensures that any problems are quickly and widely distributed.

Although it is not a requirement for Provincially processed meat to be tested for e coli, our exclusive distributor, Two Rivers Specialty Meats, not only inspects each carcass visually, but also routinely tests for the presence of e coli by drawing samples and sending them to  a third party lab.

It costs a lot more to raise our beef the way we do it. It also costs a lot more to process it in a “craft” manner while exceeding the regulatory requirements of food safety. We think it is better to do it this way. We hope that you agree.”

Heritage Angus Beef

“Heritage Angus Beef is produced by a small producer group that works collectively to produce a very high quality beef product that is raised without antibiotics and growth hormones. Here are some of the steps we take to ensure the highest levels quality and food safety:

  • Care is taken to minimize the time cattle are fed in the feed yards and to maximize the time cattle spend on pasture.
  • Only two feed yards supply cattle for the program and because they know what and for who they are producing beef for take extra care.
  • All processing is done at Canadian Premium Meats in Lacombe Alberta, a small (200 head/day) Federally and European approved packing plant which operates under very stringent protocols because of where the beef gets sold and marketed.
  • The plant uses dry chilling which inhibits bacteria growth and because of the EU shipments must use slower line speeds.
  • The plant pays fair wages to employees to reduce turnover and increase retention.

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