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Big Lous 5Some people may choose to make their Mondays Meatless, but if that’s not your idea of delicious, Big Lou’s Butcher Shop is inviting you to “Meet the Butcher Mondays.” Each Monday from 6-7pm, we will highlight different areas of our expertise with complimentary product tastings and the chance to meet and greet our team for tips and talk. The culmination of this series of events will be the first Big Lou’s Boucherie Dinner, which will be held in the Butcher Shop on Thursday, July 11th.

The Big Lou’s Butcher Shop product development team includes two butchers and two chefs, each specializing in specific areas of the butcher shop and deli arts. On each night, the team will be on hand to discuss where the inspiration for new recipes comes from, the process of developing and tasting new items along with a range of product samples to taste and explore.

The dates and themes for the evenings are:

June 25th: Sausages & Pâtés
July 8th: Meat Pies & Take Home Dinners
July 15th: Sandwiches
July 22nd: Charcuterie & Accompaniments.

We’re also pleased to announce our first Big Lou’s Boucherie Dinner on July 18th. This four-course paired dinner will be held in Big Lou’s for an intimate group of no more than 12. The theme for the first dinner is “All About the Smoker” and each course will be built around something prepared in our smoker. This dinner costs $75 per person with paired drinks with each course (including tax and gratuity). Call 604-566-9229 or email info@biglousbutchershop.com to reserve.

First Course

Smoked Fish plate: house smoked Tuna, Trout and Dad’s Salmon with crème fraiche, toast points & pickled summer vegetables

Paired with: Roaring Twenties Sauvignon Blanc

Second Course

Smoked Duck Carpaccio: house smoked local Duck, roasted and sliced with a fresh citrus marmalade

Paired with: Roaring Twenties Merlot


Smoked Odds and Ends: Pork Hock Cakes, Pork Ribs and Beef Tongue Pastrami with roasted vegetables, new potatoes, asparagus & mushroom barley

Paired with: Bourbon Sour


Smoked almond and maple brittle ice cream

Paired with: Port


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The “Fungo” two-footer is also a 100 miler

fungo2“What’s really in that hot dog?” is the eternal question that of BBQ chefs around the world. While consumers are becoming increasingly aware of what goes on their plates, the mystery of the hot dog remains every time a pack of wieners is broken open.

If you’re the chef cooking up the two-foot hot dog at Nat Bailey Stadium, you’re among the few who know exactly what’s in your hot dogs: nothing but Pemberton Meadows Farm beef and spices, all wrapped in a natural casing and made by hand at Big Lou’s Butcher Shop in Vancouver.

When Aramark Sports & Entertainment at Nat Bailey Stadium came up with the idea of a two-foot “Fungo” hot dog, the first problem they faced was that it didn’t exist and a supplier who could make it needed to be found. Though Big Lou’s Butcher Shop opened less than six months ago, their artisanal, locally-focussed approach to meats and butchery has already won them fans across the area. Sausages are a speciality of Big Lou’s and since they feature an ever-changing range of handmade sausages in their cabinets, why not a two-foot hot dog?

Part of the spring was spent experimenting with recipes and ingredients and when the two-foot dog was ready to go and rolled out at the Vancouver Canadian’s home opener, it proudly made from 100% beef from the award-winning Pemberton Meadows Farm and wrapped in a natural casing. The “Fungo” hot dog had been born.

Michael Cassidy of Aramark Sports & Entertainment said “ When the Fungo dog first came to fruition I knew exactly who to contact and make this a reality. Karl and the team down at Big Lou’s were going to be able to help us create not only a 2 foot long dog but something we were proud to serve to our guests”.

The humble hot dog is perhaps the last food which seemed likely to get a 100 Mile Diet makeover but the 2-foot “Fungo” being served at Nat Bailey Stadium is a great sustainable choice. For home grillers, the same hot dog is also available from Big Lou’s Butcher Shop in a regular 8” version alongside the 2 footer.

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Brewery and the BeastWe’ve had a few questions asking us what we were planning to serve up at the inaugural Vancouver edition of Brewery & The Beast and now we can let the Boar out of the bag on what we’re dishing up.

Big Lou’s Boar Shooter: Hog Wild Specialties Boar Terrine, housemade english relish and sautéed mushrooms served in a Terra Breads baguette.

Chef’s noteAccording to the history I’ve heard, the Shooter’s Sandwich was created in Britain as a hearty meal that could be easily transported and serve as a meal, or two, for a hunting party. The sandwich is, at it’s most simple level, meat and a sauced mix of vegetables, crammed into an entire loaf of bread and then smashed for hours under a heavy weight and wrapped in layers of paper. You can use any meat that can be safely prepared raw, but as I understand it beef is traditional.

We have worked with Hog Wild Specialties in the past and seasonally offer their Wild Boar in our butcher shop and for this event, we’ve also partnered with Terra Breads as their baguette seemed like the ideal choice as something which would hold its taste and texture even after the flattening process.

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It is with no small amount of sadness that Two Chefs and a Table announces that we will be offering the last service at our Railtown Bistro on June 15th, 2013.

We’d like to take this moment to offer our sincere thanks to the many people who chose to make us part of their lunch, brunch, dinner and catering plans over the last five-plus years. We’d also like to thank all our friends in the food industry for their support and encouragement.

The Two Chefs name and menu will not be lost as we will continue to run Two Chefs Richmond as both a popular café and as the home for our catering business. It will also be the new home of the legendary Two Chefs’ brunch with the launch of weekend brunch service in July on Richmond’s sunny patio and in the dining room.

We will also be expanding the range of products, events and services at Big Lou’s Butcher Shop with the addition of brunch items to the deli menu in July and the kickoff of special meat-focussed sit-down dinners in the butcher shop in late June. Watch Big Lou’s social media for details of the first dinner event.

Once again, thanks for all your support, we look forward sharing more food adventures in the future.

–The Two Chefs and a Table Team

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