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Sometimes, you find inspiration in the strangest places. Recently, I found mine teaching a one-off gnocchi-making class.

GnocchiThis isn’t meant to be a complaint, but being a chef—especially a chef owner—means a lot of long hours and hectic days. Big summer events and hot weather like our current stretch of over 30 days of heat and humidity take their toll.  Some days, even all the beer and bourbon in the World won’t fix it!!!
But there are also days that remind you why you love this job enough to spend 20 days straight of wearing nothing but your chef clothes, to and from work; why it’s ok that both arms are covered in small warning burns from ovens, fried chicken oil, and pans;  and why you went to bed at 1am and get back up at 7am to do it all again.

Let me tell you about one such day.
While closing the Railtown Bistro was a sad thing, we got to see lots of our regulars and friends over the last week as they stopped in for one last meal with us. One of our regular guests told us on one of our last nights she would miss the gnocchi and as I knew that she was coming in, I was able to make gnocchi just for her and her friend. They were very pleased!

A few days later she contact me to ask if I would teach her and her friends to make gnocchi and, I immediately said “yes” and began to draw up a plan for what the night would look like.

I said sure , and I began draw up a rough idea of the night would look like. My plan looked something like this.

  • Charcuterie and Cheese for guests as they arrive, tell them about Big Lou’s of course
  • Start the night with prep for the three sauces:
    • Chorizo and tomato
    • Wild Mushroom and goats cheese
    • Brown Butter and Sage
  • Gnocchi making – everyone to get involved and help make enough for entrees
  • Serve dinner of salad Gnocchi with the three sauces, all presented family-style

With approval on the plan, I began getting ready for the big night including doing all my prep on Saturday before the class. The venue was great: a beautiful house and a even better kitchen that was filled with lovely, inquisitive guests. Everything was right for a great evening.

It turned out that each of the guests had been to Two Chefs in Gastown and it was great to hear them all say how much they had loved it. During the night, we made some great gnocchi and I managed to hold my own against guests who had learned from gnocchi experts in their families.
Afterwards, I was able to watch the fireworks from a most tranquil patio with a view of the show. After quietly packing up, I headed home late at night as usual, but this time with a renewed energy for the Sunday brunch service that was on the schedule.

Along with the great night, I’m starting to play with the idea of some occasional in-home cooking classes, customized to specific dishes that the guests have picked to learn. Please email info@twochefsandatable.com if you’re interested in hosting or being part of a group cooking class. We’d be more than pleased to create a custom and delicious event where you and your friends can learn and then enjoy your new food creation.

Thanks for reading,

Karl Gregg


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New Sales & Operations manager Julie Parker has over 20 years’ experience


2 chefs canape

Two Chefs Catering is proud to introduce Julie “Jules” Parker as our Sales and Operations Manager. Julie will be the primary contact for our catering clients and, with more than 20 years direct catering experience and impeccable customer service skills, Jules will help to make every catering job a success for our clients.

Jules is a born Vancouverite who found her passion for the culinary arts at a young age and has pursued it through work and education since. Along with formal training through the BCIT Venture Program, Dubruille Culinary Institute, Tourism Management from BCIT and Kwantlen College Marketing Program, she has pursued her craft while living and working in Vancouver, Whistler and Victoria.

Two Chefs Catering has provided food service for everything from weddings and workplace meal service to intimate dinners at home, BBQs and more and Jules fits right into this program with wide-ranging experience which includes wedding and event planning, fine dining, destination event management and most recently, resort sales management.

“We’re really pleased to have Jules joining our team,” said Karl Gregg of Two Chefs. “She brings an enormous amount of skill and experience to help guide and support our clients in planning a successful, and delicious, event.”

For more information on Two Chefs Catering click HERE.

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Famous brunch menu being served with patio service & reservations

Chicken & Waffles

Chicken & Waffles

Two Chefs’ legendary weekend brunch menu will make its awaited return with the launch of Weekend Brunch at Two Chefs Richmond on Saturday, July 20th. Along with a world of delicious brunch options, Two Chefs Richmond will offer the licensed patio service, reservations for almost any-sized group and free parking that were never possible in Railtown.

Two Chefs regulars will again be able to get their fix of their favourite Southern and country kitchen brunch dishes like Chicken & Waffles, the Big Lou’s Breakfast, Croque Madame and Chicken Fried Steak, while newer Richmond friends will learn why the Railtown bistro became such a popular destination for brunch lovers all over Vancouver.

Just as they were in Railtown, all hangover cures—Caesars, Mimosas and the signature Bacon Bourbon Bloody Mary will be just $5, all Bennies will be made with housemade English Muffins and Southern dishes will include housemade biscuits. Likewise, all breakfast meats—the signature jerk bacon, local hams, chorizo and sausage and more—will all be supplied by Big Lou’s Butcher Shop.

Brunch will be served at Two Chefs Richmond  Saturdays and Sundays from 10am-2pm. Located at 7-3331 Viking Way, Two Chefs Richmond is easily accessible via the Knight Street Bridge and Bridgeport Road. Call 604-233-7769 for reservations.

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Dine al fresco in Vancouver with gourmet charcuterie, cheese and sandwiches

Crab Park is one of our favourite picnic spots.

Crab Park is one of our favourite picnic spots.

For all of Vancouver’s legendary natural beauty, it sometimes seems everyone is too busy running, riding and striding through it to really stop and take it in. This summer, why not the beauty of Vancouver’s parks and green spaces with a Big Lou’s Butcher Shop picnic basket or boxed lunch? With more choices than before, they make al fresco dining in your favourite park delicious, and convenient.

The picnic basket is available for either 2 or 3 people ($38/52) and includes a wide selection of delicious cold meats, cheeses and seafood with fresh bread, our housemade sides and cold drinks. The variety of picnic options includes cooked and roasted meats like housemade sausage, pastrami or roast beef, charcuterie choices like salami, sopressata or seasonal pates and delicious cheeses, breads and sides to complete the feast.

The picnic comes in a traditional basket with plates and cutlery that you can return once the meal is done. It’s a delicious all-in-one solution for day trips, work lunches or a romantic surprise.

Sometimes, there just isn’t enough time to get to your favourite sandwich shop at lunchtime so Big Lou’s also offers boxed lunches as part of the  delivery and pickup program. For just $15 per person, the boxed lunches include one of five great sandwich choices along with a side and drink and, by preordering them, they’ll be fresh made and ready to go right on time. Deliver them free within the downtown area is free with a minimum $65 order.

Whether the plan is to put a little picnic magic into summer with dinner in a favourite park or to make today a Big Lou’s lunch day with boxed lunches for the team, call 604-566-9229 or email info@biglousbutchershop.com for more information or to get an order form.

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