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Choose one from each colour category.

Choose one from each colour category.

Just in time for Labour Day, we’re launching our Long Weekend Freezer Packs. Priced at only $45 each they’re filled with enough Big Lou’s goodness to feed the long weekend crowd at an unbeatable price of up to 25% off our regular pricing. Customers put their own pack together by choosing one item from each of the four product categories, we’ll put the pack together and it will be ready for weekend, or anytime enjoyment.

With a variety of choices in every category, the pack can be put together in 150 different ways to make sure that each customer gets the mix that’s right for them.

Add on items for freezer packs.

Add on items for freezer packs.

There are also a variety of add-ons available at the same low Freezer Pack prices–so if  a couple more Rib Eyes, more free range eggs, or anything else is needed, it can be added into the pack. For big weekends or stocking up,  get 3 freezer packs for $120.

These pack will be available fresh for pick-up between August 31st and September 6th, use them straight away or freeze them for future use.  Please email aaron@biglousbutchershop.com or call the shop at 604-566-9229 to place an order with our butchers.

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GnocchiWe know it just wouldn’t be fair to write about the gnocchi-making class without giving you a recipe so that you can whip up your own batch at home, so here’s the recipe we use when making our gnocchi.

6 each                                Russet Potato
½  cup to ¾ cup               All purpose Flour
1 ea eggs                             Free range or Born 3
Big pinch of each              Salt and pepper
4 oz                                       Butter
3 sprigs                                 Sage – or other favourite herbs


  • Bake potatoes in oven at 375 for electric and 350 for gas until flesh is soft throughout
  • Let cool 5-8 minutes
  • Cut in half and squeeze out soft potato on to a tamis or a sieve or a ricer
  • After all potato is removed from skins add egg and mix
  • Then add flour and salt and pepper mix well and add more flour till the mix does not stick to you fingers and stay there, but SHOULD be tacky
  • Heat a pot of salted boiling water (2 tblsp per liter)
  • Have a bowl of cold water ready and a slotted spoon( if eating right away no need for this )
  • Roll the dough out to desired thickness  and place on a floured surface and cut with a scraper or a knife into sizes
  • Start blanching immediately in boiling water
  • Either transfer to cooling bath if cooking later or to frying pan with butter and herbs if cooking immediately
  • Use a good Teflon pan, and fry until golden brown on both sides and then serve

Some Hints

  • Pick even sized potatoes
  • Use 3 potatoes per portion approx
  • Wash and place on oven proof tray
  • You do not have to pan fry they can be put straight into a sauce like tomato, garlic cream etc
  • Remember the feel of the gnocchi versus the amounts of flour
  • Remember to test the batch before cooking all of them
  • Be sure to use fresh ingredients for best results

Good luck!

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Big Lous 5Big Lou’s Butcher Shop will be open 11-5 Saturday and Sunday to help you with your BC Day long weekend grilling needs. These are our features  the weekend.

-Fraser Valley Pork Loin Chops $9.99 /lb
-Fraser Valley Pork Sausages made in house $8.49/lb

-Cache Creek Natural Beef cross cut short ribs (maui style) – plain, hawaiian marinade or jerk marinade $9.25/lb
-Cache Creek Natural Beef skirt steak $9.99/lb
w/house made adobo marinade, plain, or chimichurri
-Cache Creek Natural Striploin $29.99/lb

-Rossdown farms free run boneless skinless chicken breast 8.99/lb
-Rossdown farms free run chicken legs 4.29/lb
-Rossdown farms free run chicken wings smoked in house 8.99/lb

Call us at 604-566-9229 or visit us in person if you have any special weekend requests.

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