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Big Lous 6This year, why not brighten up your work lunches or holiday parties with Big Lou’s new catering platters? We’ve got a range of options from gourmet to relaxed, that will take the stress out of the planning process.

The platters include everything from a French-style platter with pâté, rillettes, and other decidedly Gallic treats to Charcuterie Platters and even a Smoked Seafood Platter with a wide range of fresh bounty slow-cooked to perfection. Big Lou’s sandwich fans can choose from a Big Italian Platter with spicy meatloaf sliders or a platter of slider-sized Big Lou’s classics mixed and matched.

The complete list of platters is below. Call 604-566-9229 or visit in person for further information or to order. Big Lou’s Butcher Shop can be found in Downtown Vancouver at 269 Powell St. or online at www.biglousbutchershop.com.

Provençal Platter

Country pâté (pork and chicken liver w/brandy), Sliced saucisson sec, house smoked sockeye salmon, house made Fraser Valley duck rillettes, Qualicum Brie, dijon mustard, seasonal fruit and baguette

10-12 people 85$+gst 20 people 150$+gst

Smoked Seafood Platter

House smoked sockeye salmon, cold smoked albacore tuna loin, smoked rainbow trout, bacon-wrapped oysters, chive sour cream, Dijon mustard, caper berries, fresh lemon and baguette

8-10 people 85$+gst 20 people 150$+gst

Big Italian Platter

Housemade spicy Italian meatloaf w/Sunday Gravy & Grana Padano parmesan on ciabatta slider buns

20-29 Sliders 2$ ea +gst/ 30 Sliders 55$ + gst/ 60 Sliders 100$ + gst

Charcuterie Lover’s Platter

Shaved prosciutto, sopresetta, Sloping Hills fennel salami, Sloping Hills saucisson sec, house pickled green beans, balsamic cipollini onions, Dijon mustard, and sliced baguette

10-12 people 85$+gst/20 people 150$+gst

Qualicum Beach Platter

A selection of meats and cheeses from Qualicum Beach: Qualicum Brie, Qualicum Tipsy Jill (Jack style cheese with red wine), Slopresetta (Sloping Hills pork sopresetta), Sloping Pure salami, house pickled beans, balsamic onions, dijon mustard, grapes and mixed crackers

8-10 people 85$+gst/20 people 150$+ gst


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Big Lou’s Butcher Shop isn’t just famous for meat, we’re also pretty well-known for our range of deli-style sandwiches. We understand that some of you can’t make it over to Railtown as often as you’d like so we’re proud to now be working with Betty at The Burrard to bring our sandwich magic to the West End.

Betty at The Burrard is a stylish sort of place and off-the-shelf just wouldn’t fit, so we’ve created three new sandwiches exclusively for Betty. The Godfather and the Big Lou’s Roast Beef on Panini and a Mediterranean Vegetable sandwich on Ciabatta.

All the sandwiches are made fresh daily at Big Lou’s and delivered to the Betty where they’re warmed to perfection on their Panini press. Along with our sandwiches, visitors to Betty at the Burrard can enjoy treats from other great local suppliers like Earnest Ice Cream and To Die For along with delicious coffees crafted by their award-winning Barista team.

Betty at The Burrard is located at 102-1100 Burrrard St., off the lobby of the  retrolicious Burrard Hotel and is open 7 days a week from 6am-10pm. You can find them online at www.theburrard.com. Big Lou’s Butcher Shop is open 7 days a week and also offers a wide range of sandwich, charcuterie and meat catering options.

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