Roast TurkeyBig Lou’s Butcher Shop has extended the deadline for ordering its famous Turduckens and delicious “Take & Bake” dinners to Friday, December 20th.  Orders placed before close on Friday can be picked up Christmas Eve.

Big Lou’s is offering two styles of Turducken this year. Along with the full three-bird Turkducken (14-20lb), a boneless 4 or 8-lb Turducken roast is also available. Made from a local turkey breast stuffed with signature Big Lou’s Turducken sausage, it’s a great way to celebrate Southern-style Christmas with a smaller group.

The Big Lou’s “Take and Bake” Turkey Dinner ($180) feeds up to 10 and includes a  fully dressed 15lb Free Run Rossdown Farms turkey, Italian sausage stuffing, all the sides and sauces, and a pumpkin pie from Cadeaux Bakery. Just pop the turkey in the over on Christmas day and warm the sides and you’re ready to feast!

Big Lou’s Butcher Shop is located at 269 Powell St. Free delivery in the Vancouver area is available on orders over $100. Call 604-566-9229 for more details.


The holiday season is a time of year that’s most dedicated to sharing great food with friends, family and work colleagues. Big Lou’s Butcher Shop is working closely with local farms and suppliers to offer an wide range of options for events, parties and the all-important Christmas feast.

Our party platters can be ordered with as little as 24 hours notice and include option charcuterie, smoked seafood, local cheese and meats from Qualicum Beach and slider platters. We’re always able to provide platters of our famous sandwiches for work lunches and parties.

Along with local, unmedicated turkeys for traditional feasts, Big Lou’s is pleased to offer two Turducken options, Fraser Valley bone-in hams, and stuffed turkey breast roasts for smaller gatherings. We also make a wide range of housemade holiday trimmings like turkey gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing or sausage stuffing to help round out your holiday feast.

As an bonus, this year if you place your Christmas order by December 10th with a deposit, we’ll take 10% off bill!

If you have questions regarding your Christmas needs, call (604) 566-9229 or email info@biglousbutchershop.com to consult with someone from the Big Lou’s team. We’re located at 269 Powell St. but have delivery options for order big and small.

Big Lou’s 2013 Holiday Menu

Roast TurkeyRoasts and Pies

  • Turducken Roast – 4lb and 8lb boneless $12.99/lb (Turkey Breast stuffed with Turducken Sausage)
  • Turduckens — 14-20lb $14.75/lb (whole bird wing and leg bones in) Rossdown Farms Turkey and Chicken, Yarrow Meadows Duck, and Fraser Valley Pork Sausage.
  • Stuffed Boneless Turkey Breast Roasts $11.99/lb
  • Bone-in Fraser Valley Hams $6.99/lb
  • Rossdown Turkeys $4.85 /lb (fresh, free run, unmedicated)
  • Fresh Fraser Valley Geese $7.29lb
  • Big Lou’s 9” Tortiere Smoked and shredded pork with bacon, mushroom, and caramelized onion, hand made crust $14 each

Complete Dinner

  • Big Lou’s Whole Turkey Dinner: 15 lb Free Run Rossdown farms turkey (Oven Ready), mashed potatoes, Italian sausage stuffing, gravy, housemade cranberry sauce, garlic brussel sprouts, roasted vegetables, and a pumpkin pie from Cadeaux Bakery — $180

Party Platters

  • Provençal Platter: Pâté. Rilletes, Smoked Salmon, Brie, Dijon, Baguette & more 10-12 ppl 85$+gst / 20 ppl 150$+gst
  • Smoked Seafood Platter Salmon, Albacore, Rainbow Trout, Oysters, baguette, Dijon etc 8-10 ppl 85$+gst / 20 ppl 150$+gst
  • Big Italian Platter: Our Italian meatloaf w/Sunday Gravy & Grana Padano on ciabatta slider buns 20-29 Sliders 2$ ea +gst / 30 Sliders 55$ + gst / 60 Sliders 100$ + gst
  • Charcuterie Lover’s Platter: prosciutto, sopresetta, fennel salami, saucisson sec, house pickled green beans, onions, Dijon mustard, and sliced baguette 10-12 ppl $85+gst / 20 ppl $150+gst
  • Qualicum Beach Platter: meats & cheeses from Qualicum Beach: Brie, Tipsy Jill. Slopresetta. salami, accompaniments and mixed crackers 8-10 ppl $85+gst / 20 ppl $150+ gst
  • Custom Slider Platter Mix and Match slider versions of our sandwiches $2.50+gst ea, min 20 sliders

Big Lous 6This year, why not brighten up your work lunches or holiday parties with Big Lou’s new catering platters? We’ve got a range of options from gourmet to relaxed, that will take the stress out of the planning process.

The platters include everything from a French-style platter with pâté, rillettes, and other decidedly Gallic treats to Charcuterie Platters and even a Smoked Seafood Platter with a wide range of fresh bounty slow-cooked to perfection. Big Lou’s sandwich fans can choose from a Big Italian Platter with spicy meatloaf sliders or a platter of slider-sized Big Lou’s classics mixed and matched.

The complete list of platters is below. Call 604-566-9229 or visit in person for further information or to order. Big Lou’s Butcher Shop can be found in Downtown Vancouver at 269 Powell St. or online at www.biglousbutchershop.com.

Provençal Platter

Country pâté (pork and chicken liver w/brandy), Sliced saucisson sec, house smoked sockeye salmon, house made Fraser Valley duck rillettes, Qualicum Brie, dijon mustard, seasonal fruit and baguette

10-12 people 85$+gst 20 people 150$+gst

Smoked Seafood Platter

House smoked sockeye salmon, cold smoked albacore tuna loin, smoked rainbow trout, bacon-wrapped oysters, chive sour cream, Dijon mustard, caper berries, fresh lemon and baguette

8-10 people 85$+gst 20 people 150$+gst

Big Italian Platter

Housemade spicy Italian meatloaf w/Sunday Gravy & Grana Padano parmesan on ciabatta slider buns

20-29 Sliders 2$ ea +gst/ 30 Sliders 55$ + gst/ 60 Sliders 100$ + gst

Charcuterie Lover’s Platter

Shaved prosciutto, sopresetta, Sloping Hills fennel salami, Sloping Hills saucisson sec, house pickled green beans, balsamic cipollini onions, Dijon mustard, and sliced baguette

10-12 people 85$+gst/20 people 150$+gst

Qualicum Beach Platter

A selection of meats and cheeses from Qualicum Beach: Qualicum Brie, Qualicum Tipsy Jill (Jack style cheese with red wine), Slopresetta (Sloping Hills pork sopresetta), Sloping Pure salami, house pickled beans, balsamic onions, dijon mustard, grapes and mixed crackers

8-10 people 85$+gst/20 people 150$+ gst

Big Lou’s Butcher Shop isn’t just famous for meat, we’re also pretty well-known for our range of deli-style sandwiches. We understand that some of you can’t make it over to Railtown as often as you’d like so we’re proud to now be working with Betty at The Burrard to bring our sandwich magic to the West End.

Betty at The Burrard is a stylish sort of place and off-the-shelf just wouldn’t fit, so we’ve created three new sandwiches exclusively for Betty. The Godfather and the Big Lou’s Roast Beef on Panini and a Mediterranean Vegetable sandwich on Ciabatta.

All the sandwiches are made fresh daily at Big Lou’s and delivered to the Betty where they’re warmed to perfection on their Panini press. Along with our sandwiches, visitors to Betty at the Burrard can enjoy treats from other great local suppliers like Earnest Ice Cream and To Die For along with delicious coffees crafted by their award-winning Barista team.

Betty at The Burrard is located at 102-1100 Burrrard St., off the lobby of the  retrolicious Burrard Hotel and is open 7 days a week from 6am-10pm. You can find them online at www.theburrard.com. Big Lou’s Butcher Shop is open 7 days a week and also offers a wide range of sandwich, charcuterie and meat catering options.

With regard to the filing of criminal charges against a former owner of Two Chefs & a Table:

Due to on-going criminal proceedings we are unable to comment on any specifics at this time beyond saying that we, the other two owners of the business, acted quickly and diligently from the very beginning of this incredibly unfortunate situation – from reporting the matter to police and cooperating fully with the investigation, to ensuring that Allan Bosomworth was immediately terminated from any on-site access or responsibilities.

The safety of our staff and customers is always topmost in our minds. Our businesses are part of our community and our customers are our friends. As owners, we are saddened, sickened and devastated by what has occurred but as this matter is now before the courts we have been advised that we are unable to further comment on specifics of this incident until such a time as the criminal proceedings are complete.

Please direct any requests for information to:

Jeffrey Horswill,
Davis LLP

Karl Gregg
Two Chefs and a Table

Pre-order your roast or full dinner by Sept 30th for a 10% discount

We’re offering wide range of centrepieces, accompaniments, and full meals to make this Thanksgiving a delicious one. We’ve added a variety of oven-ready prepped and dressed roasts to our Thanksgiving menu–it’s a chance to look like a kitchen master with half the work.

Centrepieces and Roasts

Roast TurkeyRossdown Farms local, free range and unmedicated turkey is available for $4.39/lb –call the shop to book yours

Big Lou’s Turducken is available for $14.75 per lb, oven ready from a whole bird legs attached and average of 15-20 lb range

Dinners and Sides

Fully Cooked Dinner: Order a full Turkey or Ham dinners and it’s hot and ready to go. The meals include your choice of: Fraser Valley Organic Turkey with Italian sausage stuffing or a Fraser Valley Smoked Organic Ham with a full selection of classic sides like: pomme puree, seasonal carrots, yams, turnip, parsnip, brussel sprouts, gravy made from scratch and cranberry jelly.

The meal costs $190 and comes cooked and family style to feed a group of 6-10. These meals must be pre-ordered by Oct 3 for pickup on Thanksgiving Weekend.

Take and Bake Small Meals: Order a smaller prepped and stuffed roast ready for the oven for smaller groups. The  options include:

  • Full Turkey (15 lb)– $165
  • Fraser Valley Ham (3 lb) $80
  • Maple Hills Farm Roasting Chicken (4-5 lb) $80
  • Big Lou’s Signature Porchetta Roast (3 lb) $80

Chefs Helpers: We’ve got a wide range of made-from-scratch sides and accompaniments like gravy, Cranberry Jelly and stuffing that you can pick up for your dinner.

All Thanksgiving orders placed by September 30th will be eligible for a 10% discount off these listed prices.

To order your Turkey, Turducken or full dinners, visit Big Lou’s Butcher Shop at 269 Powell Street, call the shop at (604) 566-9229 or email aaron@biglousbutchershop.com.

gringoIt’s no secret that Two Chefs are big fans of Mexican Cuisine, whether authentic regional dishes like the ones we created for our famous Mexican multi-course dinners, or comforting LA Street Food classics. So, it’s exciting news that Two Chefs will be providing the delicious fare served up at Gastown’s newest joint opening soon in Blood Alley.

Taking over the old Judas Goat space, Gringo will be serving an all new menu of  Mexi-Cali dishes created by Karl Gregg and the Two Chefs team.  Opening is tentatively scheduled for early October, and many of the signature items like the Taco Beef,  Adobo-marinated Chicken and more will be available for home preparation at Big Lou’s Butcher Shop.

While Two Chefs is excited to develop and help execute this signature menu, they’re just as excited that there to have a new place in the ‘hood to grab a cold beer or two and enjoy some tasty tacos year-round.

Keep track of the progress toward opening day on their Facebook or Twitter homes.