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Best_GOLD 2014Big Lou’s Butcher Shop is very pleased to have been awarded the 2014 Best of the City Gold Medal for Best Butcher (Downtown/Gastown/Yaletown). These awards are given on the basis of public voting, so many thanks must go to those who took the time to go online and vote for Big Lou’s.

As a way of celebrating this accolade, Big Lou’s will be offering customer appreciation pricing on some of our favourite items.

Big Lou’s housemade sausages will be on sale for “buy 5, get 1 free”. These sausages are all made fresh using local meats and customers can mix and match varieties like our Chorizo, Maple Thyme, Irish Breakfast, Bratwurst and more to reach the total.

Big Lou’s is  also be offering our premiere Two Rivers Meats Natural Ribeye Steaks for only $19.99/lb. This beef is born and grazed in BC, then dry-aged for at least 28 days for incredible tenderness and flavour. This is a great chance to try dry-aged, grass-fed beef at a great price.

Big Lou’s Butcher Shop is now offering delivery throughout Vancouver to make choosing our locally-sourced artisan butcher goods easier than ever. Delivery is available three times a week and orders can be placed by phone or email. For more information visit us online at www.biglousbutchershop.com.

These feature prices will be in effect until Sunday, March 9th. Big Lou’s is located at 269 Powell St. and we’re open 7 days a week. For more information, visit www.biglousbutchershop.com or call 604-566-9229.

Thanks again to everyone who voted and helped us to win this great award!


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Sometimes, you find inspiration in the strangest places. Recently, I found mine teaching a one-off gnocchi-making class.

GnocchiThis isn’t meant to be a complaint, but being a chef—especially a chef owner—means a lot of long hours and hectic days. Big summer events and hot weather like our current stretch of over 30 days of heat and humidity take their toll.  Some days, even all the beer and bourbon in the World won’t fix it!!!
But there are also days that remind you why you love this job enough to spend 20 days straight of wearing nothing but your chef clothes, to and from work; why it’s ok that both arms are covered in small warning burns from ovens, fried chicken oil, and pans;  and why you went to bed at 1am and get back up at 7am to do it all again.

Let me tell you about one such day.
While closing the Railtown Bistro was a sad thing, we got to see lots of our regulars and friends over the last week as they stopped in for one last meal with us. One of our regular guests told us on one of our last nights she would miss the gnocchi and as I knew that she was coming in, I was able to make gnocchi just for her and her friend. They were very pleased!

A few days later she contact me to ask if I would teach her and her friends to make gnocchi and, I immediately said “yes” and began to draw up a plan for what the night would look like.

I said sure , and I began draw up a rough idea of the night would look like. My plan looked something like this.

  • Charcuterie and Cheese for guests as they arrive, tell them about Big Lou’s of course
  • Start the night with prep for the three sauces:
    • Chorizo and tomato
    • Wild Mushroom and goats cheese
    • Brown Butter and Sage
  • Gnocchi making – everyone to get involved and help make enough for entrees
  • Serve dinner of salad Gnocchi with the three sauces, all presented family-style

With approval on the plan, I began getting ready for the big night including doing all my prep on Saturday before the class. The venue was great: a beautiful house and a even better kitchen that was filled with lovely, inquisitive guests. Everything was right for a great evening.

It turned out that each of the guests had been to Two Chefs in Gastown and it was great to hear them all say how much they had loved it. During the night, we made some great gnocchi and I managed to hold my own against guests who had learned from gnocchi experts in their families.
Afterwards, I was able to watch the fireworks from a most tranquil patio with a view of the show. After quietly packing up, I headed home late at night as usual, but this time with a renewed energy for the Sunday brunch service that was on the schedule.

Along with the great night, I’m starting to play with the idea of some occasional in-home cooking classes, customized to specific dishes that the guests have picked to learn. Please email info@twochefsandatable.com if you’re interested in hosting or being part of a group cooking class. We’d be more than pleased to create a custom and delicious event where you and your friends can learn and then enjoy your new food creation.

Thanks for reading,

Karl Gregg

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Big Lous 5The ancient Greeks and Romans knew, and it’s true to that this day, that cooking is one of the great arts of love and seduction and food one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs.

If you’re thinking of making your Valentine’s celebration a rich, romantic, intimate home-cooked feast, Big Lou’s Butcher Shop is doing our part to help Cupid by offering a wide range of delicious indulgences to make your Valentine’s delicious and memorable.

Our list of treats includes pâtés and confits. wine-marinated or bacon-wrapped steaks and even some rich, tasty Fraser Valley Duck Breasts. As always, our team will happily help you select and offer expert advice and tips to help to you prepare a Valentine’s Day fit for your Aphrodite, or Apollo.

Big Lou’s Butcher Shop Valentine’s Day Hot Sheet

  • Bacon-wrapped tenderloins
  • Red wine-marinated sirloins
  • Fraser Valley duck breast
  • Fraser Valley duck confit
  • House made pâtés w/sirloins
  • Foie Gras

We always offer a wide range of custom cuts and preparations if you’ve got something specific for your feast.

Visit us at 269 Powell Street or call 604-566-9229 to reserve your Valentine’s Day indulgences. To learn more about Big Lou’s Butcher Shop, visit www.bigloustbutchershop.com.

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